Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Thoughts

So here is another Christmas.  I just got over a week long bout of stomach flu and lost another 5 pounds.  Not what I like to do.  Have been asked what do I want for Christmas.  Now that is a good question.

It is true as you get older you need less.  I even want less.  I could use a lottery win, but Santa does not give that.  There is can new NES game system, a kitchen aid mixer, running togs for colder weather.  Health for my family.  The time to see my father again and my in laws.  An answer for my daughter's ADHD and how to cope.  Strength to deal with a teen age boy.  Not a long list but if any are answered, I will be happy.

I am also very thoughtful of my mom whom I last saw 5 years ago for New Years.   As we drove away in 2012, I knew that was the last time I would see her.  If I could speak with her again, that would be the best present.  But that will not happen until I see her in heaven.  On a back burner.

Well Monday I plan on starting my running/walking  adventure.  Walmart had some really nice work out clothes that I can afford.  I have some gift cards to spend and I will get more socks from the running store.  So I will gift myself with better health!! I will also give platelets to bless another.  I will write more Monday after my adventure. I will download the app couch to 5k to time me.  Also have my fitbit.  You can friend me on Facebook, just let me know you saw this blog.  Till then,


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